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If you get past the question of the legal age of ownership of a paintball gun, the next possible question is where to get one.

That follows a possible half a dozen question about other things, too. Other questions about what to wear in a paintball game? What other equipment is needed? Where to play the game? How to play the game? Who can play it? Then ultimately, where to buy equipment?

That question covers also the guns, an extremely important part of the sport’s paraphernalia and the combat trigger for playing the game, eliminating your opponent and enjoying the sport. 

Where To Buy Paintball Guns
Image by John Miller from Pixabay

A Word On Legality

The question of legality is central to the foundation of paintball markers purchase. You have local stores in certain countries which deny customers a paintball marker because they were considered too young, according to the law, to own one.

Paintball guns are categorized as non-powder guns in the United States, and the laws guiding the use, purchase, and ownership of these guns vary from state to state.

If it is not public knowledge or virtually accessible, you probably have nothing to worry about it in getting it. For states that are particular about the 18 years benchmark, you will also realize that the states rarely frown against ownership with legal guardian or parental supervision.

Control many times are amplified about concerns on the safety of the paintball guns and propensity of owners to use it for violent conduct.

So, the legality about purchase is solely not about age limit, but also about the right control of the marker in the right hands for the right purposes, without intended consequence around damage, hurt, or loss of lives. 

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Where To Buy

It is not in every nation that you get lucky sites like Just Paintball where you can make purchases of all of your paintball equipment; all without excluding any.

However, you can make purchases in the following online shopping sites with some like Just Paintball totally and exclusively dedicated to getting paintball equipment:

Paintball markers are prized items on these sites and there are different offers that undergird their selling metrics, too.

Paintball, for example, has been a vanguard for wholesale and retail sales of paintball materials, and that has been to almost a million customers with countries coverage of over 60.

They are not only positioned as well-situated warehouse in California, U.S, but ensure that services in and around their market sales come with side attractions to help with the purchases.

They boast of a wide range of services that help potential customers link quality pricing control of product with the right shipment and more. So, they sell at a rather big, specialized focus on the sport as they are really professionals who have ample experience following and playing the sport.

Sites like that, or Hustle Paintball and others like them, allow you to not just explore your options but you can get effective, professional advice on the right guns to buy that suit a user. 

The conventional, popular online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others within that category also give that online platform to buy your products.

Ordering on these sites come with shipping costs that do vary. So, it is important to pay attention to order load down. It helps to filter either by cost, brand of gun, color, size, and other associated category sorting to make it easier for you to make your pick.

Online shopping gives the ease and no-hassle temperament that motivates customers to make it a preferred destination for buying products.

The immediate feedback mechanism about products is also a big attraction and the advantage of specialized, personal oversight that sales representative generally give in retail shops are no longer impossible online, as there continues to be improved, intensive, responsive, and engaging online sales reps that take in customer’s concerns, while training or aiding them through their choices, too.

There is the cost factor and the possibility of extended cost because of shipment fee. Some offer that for free but it depends on sales promo or special seasons. 

There are many paintball parks where you can also rent and buy your paintball marker. These parks are also often used as gaming sites for those who want to play paintball.

The game’s equipment are available for rent most times, but some sell some isolated items like the guns to those willing to buy. There also retail shops that sell paintball guns. There are other online retail shops for purchases and pickup points offline for buyers. Varied options to consider, really. 

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Important Tips As Starting Point

There are designated stores online and offline where you can buy your paintball guns as referenced above, but you must consider certain factors that drive the availability and propensity to buy or get the right, quality paintball markers.

1. What Kind Of Gun Do You Want?

Paintball guns come in different shades and types, and there should be a guiding motivation for what kind of gun you want to purchase. There are, for example, different brands of mechanical and electrical paintball guns and they serve users at different levels.

Knowing the type of gun is not just about the knowledge of the model but also the specific ones useful for your level of expertise or experience. A beginner level user of paintball guns won’t be so particular about the sophistication and elitism of paintball gun; or better said, such user shouldn’t be.

What informs a user’s interest, who is a professional, would differ and that would impact gun of choice. Your choice will invariably affect where to look for where to buy the gun.

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2. Consider Your Budget

Paintball guns have high cost value and still, you can get some for as low as $30 or even less.

The truth is, budget should not be so miserly-driven that you buy a cheap marker that is low on quality, but at the same time, there are other factors that could account for how expensive a gun is, being aware of them and working around them would help.

For purchases done online, shipping costs of some stores can amplify your budget plans, just as buying the gun with other associated wears and gears, like some manufacturer’s do, can jack up the cost. Some paintball guns are sold as part of an extended equipment package for paintballs.

3. Research

Do your research about where you want to buy and what the customer experience is. That’s a basic motivation now for any kind of product purchase.

Here is a good place to start on that note. Look further on what the experience of buyers on these sites and stores have been. Customer experience is the soul of sales, and it can be the defining indication for whether your own experience would be good, too, or not.

Part of the reviews, especially for online purchases, should focus on shipment cost, if it is affordable or if it is outrightly free. It should also focus on the shopping site or store’s return policy and if they are worthy stores to get value for money paid. 

4. Test The Feel

Test the ease of use on your hands and be sure that it is an item that feels comfortable in your hands and indeed something you can use.

The comfort bit is a vital crown for the right paintball gun to use. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the sole reason why a local, offline store could be the best place to buy your gun, but it sure provides a strong argument for it.

However, buying online with a customer-friendly return policy might be enough to do that trick without reverting to going to local stores. What is important here is ensuring that there is the right fit and comfort and you can get the right ones ultimately. 

Final Word

Paintball guns are very important equipment of the paintball sport. If your interest is to buy it as an isolated equipment, prioritize within your budget and go to the right store.

You can buy guns with or without their air tanks, or hoppers, or even paintball goggles, only ensure that whether it is an individual item or bought as a pack, you are buying a product of good quality.

The assumption in most parts of the article, however, is that you are buying as a new product. But you can make cheap, alternative purchases based on sales shout outs on social media, fairly used, but still neat and in shape to do what you need it for.

There are platforms that also encourage that. On Extreme Paintball, people pitch to buy, sell and trade paintball guns. In other words, trading old but quality paintball markers are acceptable on the platform and that could be a wide, intelligent use of your budget.

Whatever you decide, let your experience be about getting the best from the right store or platform. Good luck with it!

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